My boyfriend’s mate sent him a few links to blogs on tumblr for a laugh. One includes a blog by the name of My-Misandry or some such shit.
On closer inspection, it is, in actual fact, a blog dedicated to blatant man hate.
Now, it’s cool if you don’t like men, okay, for whatever reason, but now you’re making up blogs dedicated to prejudice and discrimination! And those SJWs out there who will be all like “But you can’t be prejudiced against men…” NO. Shush.
Let me put it like this;
There are blogs dedicated to discrimination and prejudice.
There would be a world war if there were blogs praising homophobia, misogyny and racism but because the target of the prejudice is men, it’s alright.
They can handle it, right?
Shut up.
I can’t remember the link to the blog, so I searched it on google. I am utterly ashamed that there are so many Tumblogs run by women saying “YAY LETS HATE ALL MEN TOGETHER!” You may claim to be against discrimination of every variety, but you’re not. You’re a hypocrite.

I know I’ll get some messages and reblogs calling me every name under the sun, because, you know, that’s what adults do, but I honestly don’t care. I am absolutely astounded that women are stooping to this level.
Misandry doesn’t exist? I think it does.